Live Earthquake Map


What Is A Live Earthquake Map ?

Live Earthquake Map

A Live Earthquake Map is a visual representation of earthquakes happening around the world at any given time.

They are usually identified by a circle of different sizes and colors to represent the magnitude of the earthquake.  Click the colored link to learn How Earthquakes are  measured?    Larger quakes have larger circles.  You can normally click on the circle to learn more about that particular earthquake.

Here is an example of a Live Earthquake Map

Live Earthquake Map

I live in Southern California and have experienced dozens of earthquakes since I was a boy. My scariest earthquake memory actually happened in Las Vegas but the quake that shook me happened in Los Angeles. It was in January of 1994 and the quake was the 6.7 Northridge Earthquake.

Live Earthquake Map1/17/94 1st Segment of “ABC World News Tonight” Northridge Quake
Peter Jennings hopped a plane and made it to Northridge–the scene of the earthquake that occurred on January 17, 1994 at 6.7 magnitude. It caused an estimat…

On Live Earthquake Map I will post info on the largest or most significant earthquakes today along with exploring earthquake myths and tips on how to prepare for earthquakes and how to survive a major earthquake. I explore the science of earthquake prediction and will post interesting, exiting, terrifying and educational articles, photos and videos of earthquake stories.

I want to share with you how earthquakes are caused.

Daily Updates of Significant and Large earthquakes around the globe.

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Now, lets begin… with 12 minutes of terrifying Live Earthquake Map video




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